Lord Of The Rings Tour

Middle-earth Tour of Filming Locations

A wonderful half day film locations experience with your own expert guide in a small group. The tour runs for half a day and takes you to the filming locations for Rivendell where Frodo recovered from his knife attack; the Anduin River where the Fellowship voyaged to Amon Hen; the river where Aragorn was washed ashore after the attack of the Wargs; the Gardens of Isengard, the site of the Orcs Felling the Trees and where Gandalf rode to see Saruman; go to the Mount Victoria lookout and  Buckland Forest where you can race to the Buckleberry Ferry and "Get off the Road", where the Hobbits hid from the Nazgul/Black Riders and where they found the mushrooms on the Road; Dunharrow Rohirrim encampment; visit the quarry used for the filming of Helms Deep in Rohan and Minas Tirith in Gondor.



  • Half Day
  • Four hours duration, pick up 9.00am or 1.30pm
  • Return: 1.00pm or 5.30pm
  • Hotel or Wellington Airport pick ups
  • Refreshments, morning or afternoon tea
  • Entry fees and GST included
  • Air-conditioned luxury vehicles
  • Adult: NZ$175 per person
  • Departure: 9.00am or 1.30pm
  • Minimum: 2 guests per tour
  • Full day tours available


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Lord of The Rings Tours Wellington New Zealand
Lord of The Rings Tour Wellington- Hobbits Hide
Lord of The Rings Tours Wellington- Orc
Lord of the Rings Forced Perspective